Kelvi Pro

Compact, precise, portable ... and did we mention no more ice?
It’s the end of ice bags, ice baths, loading ice into therapy devices, and units that use mechanical refrigeration and circulate hot and cold water. The patented Kelvi Pro is the the first cryo/thermotherapy device to bring a totally new approach to the training room, with fully electronic, all-digital heating and cooling in an Internet-connected device.
  • Fast and Convenient

    • Represents a truly portable and self-contained system – wrap, connect, select the temperature, and go
    • Does away with loading and mixing ice and water baths
    • Requires a fraction of space of units that use mechanical refrigeration
    • Reaches targeted skin temperature in seconds
    • Offers heating, cooling and pressure in a single system

  • Precise and Controllable

    • Only system that applies heating and cooling, and modulates and measures temperature directly at the point of skin contact — for the ultimate in precision
    • Applies heating and cooling for exact therapeutic effect, driven by real-time skin-temperature measurements
    • Controls heating and cooling directly, through software, for precise control over temperature, over time
    • Makes minor adjustments instantly, and cycles between full heat and full cold in 1-3 minutes
    • Adjusts across the full range of therapy temperatures, unlike ice alone or ice-and-water solutions, allowing for longer and more-sustained therapies

  • Engineered for Compliance

    • Makes therapy at home or on the road easier to perform and practical for athletes
    • Frees athletes from the hassles of procuring, transporting and storing ice
    • Interfaces with Kelvi mobile app, for monitoring therapy, archiving treatment history, remote entry of custom protocols and changes, and confirming compliance
    • Makes trainer and PT-designed courses of therapy and custom treatment protocols programmable, user-selectable, repeatable and measureable
    • Supports rapid-cycling contrast therapy under program control, within a single system