Cryo/thermotherapy technology that is both evolutionary and revolutionary.
Underlying Kelvi’s patented technology is simple observation. The technology used for cooling and heating in athletic training rooms and medical settings hasn’t fundamentally changed in more than 150 years. Therapeutic modalities are still fundamentally based on ice, mechanical refrigeration and resistive heating. KelviTec technology still applies the well-understood principles of heating and cooling for medical applications and athletic recovery. But it brings unprecedented convenience for athletes, trainers and medical technicians, coupled with high precision, tight temperature control, trackability and repeatability. 
  • Semiconductor-Based

    • Leverages the properties of a special class of semiconductor devices that add or extract heat
    • Embeds the semiconductor devices in an array, inside a patented, flexible wrap that modulates heating and cooling directly at the point of skin contact – as opposed to dated technologies that heat and cool indirectly using circulated water
    • Modulates and maintains temperature by measuring actual skin temperature at the point of contact with the wrap

  • Internet-Connected

    • Controls heating and cooling at the wrap via a console that also functions as an “Internet of Things” (IoT) device
    • Interfaces with a mobile-connected smartphone app for programming therapies and monitoring and verifying athlete and patient compliance
    • Allows athletes and patients to perform their own therapy at home or on the road, without sacrificing medical supervision

  • Data-Driven

    • Allows precise programming of heating and cooling over time, for preprogramming therapies including new contrast therapies
    • Measures and controls temperature at point of skin contact, allowing more-sustained therapies without risk of tissue freezing or burning
    • Archives treatment history, allowing trainers and medical professionals to map history to treatment results and scientifically refine therapies over time