Kelvi Pro
The first system that brings Internet-era technology to cryo/thermotherapy for athletic recovery

No More Ice Runs!

  • No ice or ice-and-water solutions, no bulky refrigeration or heaters
  • Heats and cools using semiconductors at the point of skin contact

All-In-One Precision

  • Totally self-contained: wrap, connect, select a preprogrammed course of therapy, and go
  • Unprecedented precision — regulates based on skin temperature measurement and adjusts in seconds

Manage Patients Remotely

  • Cloud-based app for monitoring and tracking treatment history connects to mobile devices over bluetooth

For Elite Athletes

No more ice bags or mixing ice-and-water solutions. Kelvi Pro both heats and cools, in a compact device you can carry with one hand, and is self-contained so you can perform your therapy anywhere. Use it at home, on the road, or in the training room.

Simply wrap, connect, select your programmed course of therapy, and go. Preprogram your own courses of therapy, or have your trainer or physical therapist program your therapy over the internet using the Kelvi app.

For Trainers and Physical Therapists

Kelvi Pro not only does away with the hassles of procuring, making, storing and mixing ice, but it also brings unprecedented precision to therapy. It continuously monitors skin temperature and adjusts to maintain the targeted temperature within one degree. This precise control means you can vary your treatment times, without the tissue-freezing risk of conventional ice therapies. And varying temperature over time, all under program control, supports contrast therapies that cycle from full-hot to full-cold in less than sixty seconds.

Create and store multiple courses of therapy, preprogrammed for individual athletes. And through the Kelvi app, remotely program a Kelvi Pro, monitor treatment in real-time, and access archival data from past treatments. For your athletes, the “wrap, connect, select and go” ease-of-use makes it simple and convenient for them to perform therapy on their own, while you use the app to verify compliance.

For Sports Teams and Training Rooms

Why are modern, tech-savvy sports operations treating athletes with technologies that fundamentally haven’t changed in over a century? Kelvi Pro does away with the hassles of storing ice and mixing ice-and-water baths. And it performs both heating and cooling in a compact unit that’s a fraction of the size of bulky units that use mechanical refrigeration and conventional water-heating.

Programmability lets you store and preprogram courses of therapy for multiple types of injuries and individual athletes, and monitor their compliance. Built-in Internet connectivity supports remote programmability, compliance monitoring and archiving treatment histories for each athlete — all accessible via a mobile app.

League-Leading Statistics


Unprecedented Precision

Regulates based on skin temperature measurements and adjusts in seconds to within one degree


World-Class Speed

Cycles between maximum cold and maximum heat in 1-3 minutes (varies with surface area of therapy site)


Total Portability

Heats and cools without bulky ice – the compact (18.03” length x 10.83” width x 6.50” height) unit can be carried with one hand